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Best Bets For Breakfast at the Atlantis Resort & Casino

Breakfast is served a-la-carte at several restaurants but this is nearly always less value than the buffet breakfast served at Poseidon's Table. If all you want is a light breakfast, then you can fix your own in your Harborside at Atlantis Villa kitchen. Or, if your coffee comes out like mine, you may opt for the Starbucks next door at the Marina Village. Okay, what's better than walking along a stunning marina on a glorious morning to get a cup of Starbucks? Life is good!

Best Bets for Mid-Day Meals at the Atlantis Resort & Casino

You will undoubtedly eat lunch at one of the many snack bars scattered throughout the Atlantis Resort & Casino. Although each one offers essentially the same fare and prices, some do offer meals not found at the other courts. However, given that the property is so large you'll wind up using the food court closest to your base of operations.

Children's Meals

A children's combo meal of hotdog / hamburger / nuggets, fries and a drink will average about $11. Family combos can offer substantial savings, but the trick is having everyone want to eat at the same time.

Our Recommendation

For a nice sit-down lunch, try the Lagoon Bar & Grill ‐ or the "Clamshell" as my wife refers to it ‐ a beautiful setting in the center of the property.

Take advantage of your kitchen at the Villas if you have young children. Who knows when they will stop to eat or how long they will sit still for? Food is not allowed at the pools and you certainly do not want to bring the cooler. But a small lunch bag with snacks and juices is a good idea for the little ones.

Best Bets For Dinner at the Atlantis Resort & Casino

The kitchen in our villas allow us to cook meals but we rarely use it for dinner. Okay, we never make dinner – this is vacation after all. However, it is nice to have a place to keep doggie bags. And we usually veg out on at least one night and send out for Domino's or bring sandwiches up from Harborside at Atlantis' restaurant, The Point.

If you plan to eat at one of the gourmet category restaurants, make reservations as far in advance as possible. Otherwise, it can be very difficult to get seated before 10 p.m. during peak season.

Dining in Atlantis Resort & Casino and Harborside at Atlantis:

The Point Restaurant & Bar next to the Harborside at Atlantis Villas pool is probably the best value for dinner at the Atlantis Resort & Casino. The selection is limited and the service is slow but friendly. So plan on relaxing with a cocktail while waiting for your food. We recommend the conch chowder and the snapper.

Frankie Gone Bananas and Murray's Deli are also good choices for a casual meal. For a bigger appetite try the dinner buffet at Poseidon's Table.

All of the Gourmet category restaurants are excellent. Our favorite restaurant, which provides great value, too, is Carmine's. It serves great family‐style Italian that won't disappoint those who are familiar with the original in New York City.

Dining Outside Atlantis and on Paradise Island:

Anthony's Grill is located directly across from Atlantis Resort & Casino. It has a good selection of Bahamian and American dishes. With a nice atmosphere and entertainment most nights, it's reasonably priced and has special kid's meals.

The Poop Deck has two locations over the Paradise Island bridge. Considered the best by locals for fresh seafood. Enjoy a great, whole blackened snapper, literally just off the boat.

Best Bets For Drinks at the Atlantis Resort & Casino

Frozen and punch drinks are available throughout Atlantis – about $9 virgin and $12 with alcohol.

Our Favorite Drinks

Frozen Drink: Miami Vice (half Pina Colada, half strawberry daiquiri).
Punch: Atlantis Punch.
Bars: Beach Bar - You can often get a seat here and have an exotic drink overlooking the beach.

The tap water at the Atlantis Resort & Casino is safe to drink but not up to everyone's standards for taste. Small bottles of water at the food courts are about $3. Larger bottles can be bought for $2 at several stores in the Marina Shopping Center.