Travel Tips

Travel Tips for Atlantis


One advantage of booking a Harborside at Atlantis Villa for the week is the convenience of having a kitchen and a washer/dryer in your condo. Fresh pool towels are supplied each day free of charge. So you can pack light and everything can be easily washed or dried.

Use all that extra space for items you would rather bring from home than purchasing in the Bahamas. Prices in the Caribbean reflect the fact that nearly everything needs to be shipped in to the islands.

The Harborside at Atlantis Villas next to Atlantis Marina Village offer what many consider to be the best value for accommodations at the resort.

Pack plenty of sunscreen, lotions, toiletries and first aid items.

We always suggest bringing cereals, coffee, snacks etc from home. There is a small convenience store in the Harborside at Atlantis lobby for essentials - milk, bread, juice, eggs, butter, snacks and sundries.

You can ask your taxi driver to stop at a market on the way from the airport. There is also a grocery shuttle that leaves from Harborside at Atlantis during the week - see shuttle information on our FAQs page.

Finding Your Place in the Sun

Atlantis Resort & Casino is spread over hundreds of acres, so guests will want to determine beforehand which activities they will focus on each day and establish their "base camp" accordingly. During peak periods, lounge chairs fill up fast at the busier Mayan Pool. Getting an early start helps.

  • Be mindful of other guests by taking the minimum of chairs: one for each adult, none for the kids if they are going to be running about most of the time.
  • Most lounge chairs at the pools are cabana style with adjustable covers to block the sun, so getting a shady spot is not critical.
  • The staff at the pools will try to find you chairs at almost any time during the day. Although not required, a gratuity is in order for a staff member who finds chairs for you on a crowded day.

Weather Watch

Regardless of when you are traveling to Atlantis Resort & Casino, check the week's weather as soon as you arrive. Save any potential rainy or overcast day for a leisurely breakfast, an early afternoon movie at the Atlantis Resort & Casino theater, and a visit to the Dig and other underground aquariums.

Coming and Going

We try to make the most of our stay by flying in early and leaving late, usually arriving at Atlantis by noon and departing at 5 p.m. Take advantage of Atlantis Resort & Casino's Hospitality Suites on departure day. Located in the Beach & Royal Towers, the hospitality areas offer lockers, showers, towels and changing areas.


Wristbands are your pass to all Atlantis Resort & Casino attractions and are checked closely by the staff. Wristbands are given to resort and Harborside at Atlantis guests at the towel kiosks throughout Atlantis. If you're staying at Harborside at Atlantis, you may get your wristband and towels at the Harborside at Atlantis pool before going to the rest of Atlantis Resort & Casino.