Find Something Fun for Everyone


What makes Atlantis Resort & Casino unique is its size and diversity. The resort is essentially a water/theme park, high-end resort, tropical oasis and world-class aquarium all rolled into one, so there are plenty of things to do!

Harborside at Atlantis Villas

It is difficult to take advantage of all that Atlantis Resort & Casino has to offer in less than a week. That is why so many guests opt for the Harborside Villas. A week of non-stop action can take its toll and the Harborside at Atlantis Villas allow guests to take time away from the main Atlantis Resort & Casino pools to relax in their rooms or at the Harborside Pool.


Because Atlantis Resort & Casino has over 20 pools and water features it is possible to find a relaxing spot at several of the pools. Each pool area is beautifully landscaped and it is relatively easy to find a quiet corner where waitress service is available for exotic drinks.

Mandara Spa

Two story 30,000 square foot spa. Accessed via a glass bridge spanning a bamboo water garden. Massages are also given outdoors (under tents) near the Goombay slides and on the beach walk. Call ahead for reservations.

The Library

Yes, the Library. Located in the Coral Towers, the Library is a nice break from all the activities outside. Read or borrow a book or one of the daily newspapers. Each guest is allowed 15 minutes of free Internet time at the Library each day – just enough to check emails or send a "wishing you were here" one to friends and family. Don't forget to pick up your daily Plato's Puzzle.